Stress and anxiety at college
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Hi ... I don't know it's depression or stress or anxiety ..but a lot of things going on my mind... I am a medical student... recently joined the offline classes again... Actually in the starting of session we are in our own room..but due to covid ...our rooms were taken before tomorrow I reached here ...and can't forget my old room and. Roommates.. though they easily moved on.... Another thing is co ordinator mam gave us a lot of 350 pages we have to write...with this viva is going on...exam is going on..soon posting will be there...3rd mind is not working...I feel sleepy..but can't sleep even I go for sleep early....I am having constant headache...I can't make understand my family about this...they told not to take stress..but I can't do anything....i don't feel like smiling mind is feeling blasting...I can't tell this to anyone

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