stress and anxiety because of being alone
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heyy guys i wanna talk about me mm iam depressed yes and i feel outcontoled emotions and feeling sometimes i feel sad sometimes i cry sometimes i feel scared yeah idk why u know i have such family problems that made me very nervous in life but idk i feel now iam lonely yes i need help i feel like iam in a tiny jail of thoughts in black i tried to kill myself twice but i stopped in the final step oh alsoo everybody talk about my low heigh everybody told me eat please u gonna die oh you are too slim you are like a pen hahah i bust laugh with them hahah moreover i wanna realise my dream im workin on it so im stressed alot i think day and night also im addicted to phone alot alot moreover i have no boyfriend and im single i wanna be in relationship the one i loved doesnt know even my name or i exist , to add i just feel like im tooooo emotional at everything ,, everyday i just feel like i wanna lay my body on the bed and stare at the roof for years and stay like this but hah my mom always say comeon you are sleepin all the day help me in house that moment i wanna die...i write songs but this is smthg word focus with me all songs i wrote always talk avout someone i loved left me but there are no one i swear u know even i cant write songs about anything despite this one who left me maybe caused of depression also the books i write talk about the same thing ...this is a little text from my heart thanks for who read it all to this point i hope u help honestly im gonna die i cant feel nothing really thank u and sorry for the long text

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