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Day before yesterday My friends said that I am fail in math test because I was not feeling well for in 3 hrs paper 1 hrs I didn't last I wrote 65 mask answer and I need to get 40 mask to be pass I know I wrote correct answer at least to be pass but what happened I don't know and now my maths teacher is saying that if I will be quite infront of him he will make me pass I have never been fail in any subject.infront of me he didn't say anything he only said that u did very bad but in my back he is saying to all students that she should work in her dad medical no need to study and to my friends u don't have any work to do u all are i am thinking that what should I do I said to him I was not feeling well but he is not believing today I didn't gave my account test bcoz of high fever that I am having from 1 day of exam I don't know what to do how to handle the situation I don't have anyone to share my feelings I don't have problems of being fail but my teachers🥺🙂

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