stressed about career
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i am depressed. I am going to be 24 this week. but is not independent. i am a educated fool scored 95% in boards both in 11 and 12. I now realise the education trap. The real education begins after you leave school when you are 18 or 19. ( I was 19 i lost 2 yrs due to late admission by parents). I am doing CA now I am in finals. Exam due in Nov but lack the zeal to study now. I wish I had money now, started thinking about sex too much. My parents and sisters mock me telling I dont earn . But its not my fault. I am in education trapp. My sugesstion to everyone here dont waste your child life in school. Made him skip 3 to 4 class so he had more time to study later the real stuff. whats the point of that education which dont makr you independent and also waste your time. when you reach 23yrs of age. parents will blame you as lazy pathethic stupid useless fellow. But let me tell you, you are not useless. The school teachers are useless who dont have real knowledge but they waste your so many years to earn money. But we have to respect them they are gurus. They are not gurus they waste time to earn money. Science student should focus on iit, mains, commerce student should focus on ca, cs , cat from 11 iyself. Percentage dont matter

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