stressed about career and wants to improve life condition
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I lost my father at a very young age .actually this was the turning point of my life mean I lost everything that I deserved. My mother and I have to leave that house and shifted to my mom's brother house. My father was a businessman and life was going well there for them even now my uncle's are well to do but I have nothing in my life except my mom. Even I can't afford a new mobile phone. I loneliness feeling started when I started dreaming and as time passes by it shattered . I thought of going outside my state. But because of my low marks in 10 I was not able to take admission even I feel ashamed of asking my uncle's to do my admission in good school . After that I thought I would get out of this after 12 as I could not handle my family situation anymore but but covid 19 came 🥺 I cried alot 😭😭😭 I knew my dreams will never come true. I even don't get a good college don't it is first time I m writing about it I have never shared my feeling with others now I have been planing to prepare for govt exams but I have already lost confidence I don't know what I m feeling and what should I do whats the point in doing in what I m doing I m confused please help🥺🥺😥

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