stressed about cousin not being supportive in studies, who is now taking advantage
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plz answer my quesion i know its a long one but plz answer .my brother recently bought byjus premium.i many times went his home and asked him that can ue please show me its content . he every time made excuses saying that its discharged. my aunt did not say anything like plz gige her its charged , she just ignored it. it has been 2yr since he bought it, he did not gave me to even see its content for a minute. few days back he said give me your id and share it with me i did not give as he did the same to me 2year ago. other day he said dont buy unacademy its waste. next day i bought subscription , he woth his parenrs started forcing me to share the subscription with him. my parents said he is your brotger so giveso u should share with him. but he didnt so why will i , i dont want to to, i m 13 yr old that time my heart rate jumped from 98 to 123 bpm.they saod he will come ro my home and use it. if he wont be able to , he will cry and persuade everyone. nobody is understanding me. ge is an year elder than me . this is not a funny fight i have been depressed regarding all these similae rhings that has happened to me. his paremts compare me to him and make joke of me mamy times,they tease me for my skin colour,plz reply my question and help me . also plz suggest some strong excuse by which i can prohibit him from using the subscription even if he comes to my home.

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