Stressed about difficult life situation
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Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well. I am stressed because nothing is going well with me. 4 months ago I lost my mother. I have taken loan from instant loan applications. I had to pay double the amount in just 7 days. All this apps are fraud and I got trapped in this. Recovery agents harassing badly. Someone texted "nanga kar dunga". They started calling my contacts. They are very third class people. I deleted all my contacts. Stopped using WhatsApp. I left my job too. I am applying for the job but sometimes online test doesn't open on my laptop or interview got Postponed. Nothing is working in my favour. All my friends financially helped me in this critical situation. But I still have huge loan of 17 lakhs. I am trying to get out of my depression. Trying to be strong. Trying to get up and start working again. But this loan situation and due dates and calls for loan recovery agents pulling my legs. How can I get out of this?

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