Stressed about marriage
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Plz read and suggest!! I was brought up in a cosmopolitan city from childhood. Although my native place is also a cosmo city, people are narrow minded and judgemental. A few months back, I got a marriage match from my native and we started talking, but he was too controlling and conservative. I felt like it was the end of my life and dreams. My parents are still looking for matches but I want to live in the city I was brought up in, as I face difficulty in adjusting with folks from my native. I don't even get along with my relatives because of differences in mindset, how can I adjust with a total stranger and his family? I've told my parents but they tell me I can move after marriage. Idk what to do. Should I refuse to marry anyone from my native? Or should I talk to the guy beforehand and tell him where I want to live? Or should I tell him after getting married or what? All I know is, living in my native will end my dreams and desires. I don't want to adjust for lifetime.

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