Stressed about marriage situation
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Hi , Please refer me better practical solution , Iam suffering from stress problem, actually what happened is like I went through a severe breakup few years ago I thought that I won't love anyone more because of that , at that time my parents asked me to get married as time is moving on I said ok, they started searching matches for me meanwhile I fell in lov with one of my friend, he is the only solution for whatever the problem I have faced. He loves me and cares me that much but the problem here is he is still in search of job and iam earning so my parents not accepting that and they are searching for matches and forcing me to get married ASAP. I have to agree them as they also think about me as guy is not working they won't accept us and they want me to get married, iam literally helpless I really don't know whom I need to satisfy. Both are important but if I want one I have to lose another one. Please suggest me better solution which should be possible in practical. Thanks,. 😌

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