stressed about not being valued by parents
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Actually I love my parents so much no matter how hard i try i really think they don't love me anymore they think i am just too worthless maybe if they don't think that i am worthless i think i am worthless. I work so hard for me to be recognised by them no matter how much good grades i bring my dad doesn't even say "good " to me. I do everything they ask me to do. I have never went out with a boy i mean i have never done the things that would make a daughter bad in their parents view they say i am lazy but not i want to do everything for them i listen to everything they say and i never say no. Sometimes i feel like killing myself but i can't because i love them and i think they would be broken if i do so. Why can't they show me some love and if they don't love me why they don't say that we don't love you? 💔

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