stressed about relation because of different religion
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I'm totally feel stressed of my love life. we're of different religion and from different life style . we have different opinions in our life .he wants me to be modest and sometimes I feel like it oppress me.he hates my family my friends even me for being Myself.he is always being rude and use swear words on me. I thought it's bcoz of my past mistake so I tried to be patience but for its not changed for years.he feels that I'm totally easy for a man and he feels I'm not loyal to him .. I even tried a lot to make him understand but he never listens to me and always standing in his point .i don't know what I'm going through and even feel bad that I'm not a good person at makes me feel unworthy and sometimes makes me feel that he deserves more..when I try to get away from him he holds me and beg.i can't look for other men in my life.but I scare that he'll loose his time on thinking the worst part and concentration on his future.we had the best time but why it's changed. I can't figure it out .most of the times I feel completely broken.what shall I do?I don't know how to deal with it and it makes me frustrated day by day

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