Stressed about studies
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Hello, I am a student and in this lockdown it obviously effected me. I already fighting for my survival, not to harm myself. No one taught me how to control my panic attack so I cut myself with compass or take random pills which somewhat made me comfortable. So in this time instead of attending online classes I used to cry and say my parents that I am attending my classes. I promise I tried to change myself but as a shameless human I again did what I used to do. Cry. My google search history was only "how to die and make it look like accident", I always control myself by saying "mom will be crying" because she had to struggle for surviving after giving birth to me. My times my teachers complaint about my absence and promise them again and again to do better. This time my teachers gave us a list and told that they will meet principal about classes, and I saw my name. I was nervous, I again grabbed some migraine pills and drank it with water. PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Because I use half of the pill. I cannot. I am tired. Please someone help me

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