Stressed about studies
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and ..u know being a girl ..I am alway afraid that if I will not clear any entrance exam parents will allow me for future studies in renowned college ...may be they can't afford it ...that thought makes me more and more anxious about my future ..... honestly my jee preparation is not at all so good ...Bcz of series of events happening in my life .all bad and disturbing ...and my parents don't understand ..they always want that I attend all functions ...Bcz they can't leave me alone at home ..I always have to go ...and when I come back ..I left with stress only .....and when I come on track again something bad happens ......I don't know why it's happening with me now only ... seems like universe don't want me to study efficiently term 1 exam was soo bad experience for ..Bcz I had given it in my depression phase ...I used to cry after giving my paper .....I can score 90 percent ... but I promise myself to do my best in term 2 ..but nothing seems good. ....things

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