stressed about the past relationship,unable to focus on own career and studies
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I want to focus on my career but can't stop thinking about my ex- girlfriend if I talk with it gives relief for some time but after next day she hurts and I gets out of my sense and I starts fighting with her why she did like that and all after saying this she makes me quiet by saying it's my life who r u to tell me" she says this than I feel very down whenever I call her always happens this and I can't focus on my studies it's very painful inside. And another thing her ex-boyfriend comes at her everytime that was the main reason for break up her mom and dad supports her ex and they tell her to stay away from me but she doesn't love her ex forcefully he is telling her to be with him I had told her to take action many times but she failed but she is trying and when she tells me this I feel very down and paining inside heart this is also the main reason for my restlessness and then she left me now when I calls her we talk softly and when I asks her about her life she tells me but after that when I says why you did this and that she gets angry. And thing she promised me she will stay in contact with me after our breakup also but she is talking with another boy she ignored me because of new boy she doesn't care about me, I don't have value in her life now after that new boy camed she give importance to new person now she is very meaningful its hurt me from inside 😭😭💔 It's very painful to see her talking with another boy who has just camed 2 months before in her life and she also roaming with him I m feeling thrown out .💔

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