stressed about tiring preparation of NEET and not willing to drop another year, but at the same time stressed about mother's reaction
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Right now, i am repeating for NEET 2021. At this point the preparation is really tiring as i have no contacts with my friends (mom doesn't allow) and also i have been sitting at home for 1 and a half year. Mock tests and exams and mcqs and ncerteverything just tires me. I never thought of repeating 1 more year cause even the thought of it makes me feel tired. But today i realised that my mother doesn't want me to join any other course. If i did not get in this time she insists that i repeat a year more. I spend almost all of my days crying either because of exams..not being able to complete portions. I fucking don't know what to do where to go. Tbh i am just tired of life even tho i am just 19.

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