stressed and exhausted because of lack of support
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I just feel lije am alone in.the world amd useless for everyone am a mother of 1 yr old my husband goes to work on morning and only be back and i manage everything at home with my child after work if there is any issue at work he just take it out on me and after his anger is gone he will pretend nothing happend i talked to him that i can understand he is streesed due to work but he always take it out on me so i feel useless i dont have a job right now because i need to take care of our baby but it make me feel that beacuse i make no income he is working hard to earn it make me feel bad sonetimes i think that if i die or gone from everyone life everyone would be happy.sorry for the big post i just want to share what is in my heart beacuse i dont want to share this to my dear ones and make them sad beacuse of me.

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