Stressed and unable to focus on studies
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Hey everyone ❤️ I am not doing well in my life. i feel so stressed . i can't even focus on my studies. I was a very bright child and now I am in std 11th and i don't even study for 3 hours. Everyone thinks i am having attitude issues or everything , Now i also started thinking the same .M not feeling good because of my bestfriend he is now getting Changed he didn't except this , but i can feel this change , and it hurts me alot . Basically m feeling like he is taking to me because i do dramas. He never said all this to me but i am noticing all this behaviour I think I started liking him but he likes another girl , actually every year he likes another girl it's not a big deal for me . I don't know m so miserable M so fade up of my life M damn irritating

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