stressed as shit
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i have been in my mind problems for quite a while. i want to be famous, i want to be famous as an artist as a performing artist this was my dream actually.i have a very bad habit of being on the same level or being noticed by the person i am currently seeing earlier it was utuber and now it is bts . i make fake scenarios as if they are watching me only watching being famous was my ultimate goal from when i young not only because of bts, but now it has started to hurt as i have started thinking that i have to training. acting is actually not allowed because of bollywood illegal things and all. singing , my voice was really bad but i practice and it's better than before. but now i have started thinking that i cannot do anything with the training and all i have doing to be famous because i don't have opportunities and i cannot join bollywood for some serious issues. what i am supposed to do, it is unrealistic and at the same time it hurts

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