stressed because change of behaviour of colleagues
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okay...i started a new job recently and the people there already?which scares me a lot because I've come to care about them so deeply so fast...and I'm scared cause things felt weird today. So...theres a guy names Tim who usually drops me home cause we work in the night shift...and he doesn't need to do it but he goes out of his way because he knows about how my ex abused me and why I'm scared. Today...something weird happened in the office. I'm usually a loud person...i don't even realize I'm being loud but today the boss called me out and it made me spiral into a negative mind. After finishing some work I wanted to take a break but I couldn't find my sandles so I went barefoot. Tried to find it when I came back,asked everyone and gave up. (it's a prank they usually play on me)but today Denis has asked me Are you gonna cry? as a joke and I actuallystarted crying...not because I couldn't find my sandles but because I was being negative. They gave me my sandles back and I clarified i didn't cry becauseof them but after that Tim has been different with me. Doesn't do the teasing,or pranks anymore. Doesn't smile with me or make eye contact. I asked him about it and he says nothing is wrong but the thing is...hes happy and himself with everyone else but he's being different with me now. He dropped me home, and usually after he does we talk a little,but this time he began and ended the convo with "Reached,Good night". I don't know what exactly to do right now because I feel bad and guilty....but I don't know how to fix this. I feel like I'm falling apart in the office just because of one call out of my being loud...its made me question my self worth before and it's making me do it again....and the fact that people are acting differently doesn't exactly help but idk how to fix this....

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