stressed because of complicated situation in family
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My dad is jailed and behind all of this mess is his best friend. My descendants have bought a lot of lands and it's pretty big. First of all, all of my dad's side relative wants the lands and theyre arguing over it. So his best friend consult that one relative to be an ally then yeah my dad got jailed. After that my mom supported my dad and its almost 2 and a half year. Weve been suffering since but we discovered my dad is cheating on my mom since he got 1 land. And after they got jailed he continued his relationship with that woman who knows he has a family. So we discovered that on new year 2021 and sad part is before I discovered it I cried over him because I'm a daddy's girl and I Miss him so much. I put my hope on the fire works like if there's a firework there dad's gonna be out of jail and if there were gonna be complete and happy again etccc... Until now I can't forgive him

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