Stressed because of exams and parents
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I don't know whether I am depressed or not I'm preparing for bank exam for few years but didn't get through any but a few months back I get through mains of one and waiting for the results. Actually I had break up a few years back . My parents found that relationship and i broke with him. They are still teasing with that issue. I am bit angry and emotional person I can't control my anger and emotions. I want a job in bank but my parents are forcing me to another job and they are not understanding me. I can't concentrate in my studies. I feel that they are irritating me. When they watch television they watch in high volume when I say reduce the volume they didn't mind. When nobody is there the tv will be on with high volume. So many bank exam are coming and I want to get through one. I am really stressed out in these exams at the same time I myself get irritated with behavior of my parents. I feel that they are not allowing me to study

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