Stressed because of family situation
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My parents divorced when I was 6 and my brother has autism, his condition got worse after my parent's divorce, he's better now but he can never be 100% fine, me and my mom has spend years taking him for therapies till this day and my father doesn't give a sh*t he pays some child support and that's it and now he even lives in another city with his second wife and children. My mother also got married and my step father used to abuse her, he never even payed any bills, my mother tried multiple times to get a divorce but he doesn't let her, my grandfather (my mom's dad) hates us because my mother got divorced, we haven't seen him in years neither have we met any other family members because my grandfather refuses to tell anyone about her divorce, he's crazy, my grandmother meets us secretly twice a month and that's it, not even my aunt or cousins visit us.

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