stressed because of father's behaviour
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my father always hurts my mother and i m unable to do anything . he uses his phone for 7-8hours a day and as we all knoe anybody using this much phone plus going to office so he will always remain frustrated and is not in a capacity and patience to think or listen to anybody . he is unable to control even his budget , he doesnt even have a bidget and he is 40 and havent even purchased a house (there are no serious salary problems with him he can afford it like any normal person by saving money and having a budget )because he is just not having that patience to search for houses , to manage budgets etc . he is a migrain patient too still if we say him not to use phone as its bad for his health he starts behaving like a mad. he always blame other people and screams on them by saying that hecause of them it happened , he just makes some absurd reasons and say it all happened due to u and all .nobody can make him understand anything even his own people.he just speaks anything to his family members and will remain very patient infront of outside people. i cant see my mother worrying because of no reason because of that man she is too inocent thats why she gets hurted again and again . i dont feel much hurted as i just dont talk to him , i have done mind makeup, but i cant say my mother to do so . plz tell a way with which i can make him normal it really gets heart wrenching to see my mother in a sad mood when she havent done anything and compromized so much and it spoils my mood too when he just speaks loudly or do any kind of mad behaviour stuffs like that , i lose my prodcutivity for 3-4 days atleast and that pain remains for 10days with me. a huge problem of mine will get solved like 70percent of my life prblems will be solved if this thing gets solved .

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