stressed because of lack of exam preparation
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I am at dead end now..and really dont have any option other than studying. I have wasted many days in making schedules,healing and meditating and to create a balance so that i can study peacefully and focused but nothing seems to work. I still have 20 days in my hand to make this work...but im stucked, i cant find the right momentum nd its soo deppressing and i am feeling guilty for not studying earlier and its so much irritating to be with myself. Also not able to interact witn my parents because of this guilt and not having answers to their quetions. I am scared of future. I am just over stressing about everything, but not studying.I want to but its not going anywhere. The amount of syllabus i need to cover requires consistent and focused efforts for atleast 8 hours daily and i am here struggling with 3 hours per day....i need to speed up but idk how???? I dont wanna lose.

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