Stressed because of not being able to work on life goal
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I have some goals in life. However, i procrastinate a lot. After some contemplation, have realised its all in the mind. I've always been low on self esteem and underconfident. I'm doing a job when i wanted to join family business because no-one supported me. I have learnt new skills which will help me get a decent income but unable to execute it. I feel depressed due to all this. There's a constant fear on what if i fail. My family is behind getting me married now as I'm approaching 30. If i continue with any job, I'll suicide for sure as I don't like doing job. However, since I'm ageing i fear what will happen if i fail incase i try something of my own.. 24*7 I'm anxious which leads to increase in pulse count. Idk how do i come out of this loop. Plz help!

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