Stressed because of parental differences
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Feeling depression because of parents issue Hello, I'm 17 y/o My parents keep fighting...I wouldn't say that they fight all the time but they do have their differences quite a lot of time....most of the time it's my father's fault... I'm going mad...this happens in my house a couple of times a week... I think my appa hate my eomma...While arguing/fighting he sometimes curse my eomma... I cry all the time because I dont know what to do and there is no way I could solve it.... It's been 4 years and I still don't have a solution...Initially when they fight I try to meddle and try solving it but I can't... They keep yelling at each other and sometime appa break stuff too and me just sitting alone in one corner of my room and crying... I have tried explaining to them how I feel but nothing works they keep fighting.... I feel I have no happiness in my life.... I'm telling you my inner feeling I just faking around people and my friends...Whenever I saw my friend's families I get happy they are...Such a peaceful life they are living...My parents provide me everything I need except peace and happiness because these two are up to me to find and cherish... I started distracting myself from whatever is going on.... I start chatting with some of my friends, listening to bts....I want a solution because i can't see them fighting...It hurts when I see my eomma's cry....It is very sad when your parents fight under your one can understand the pain that I'm passing through when my parents fight...Some of my close relative know about sometimes happens in front of them... And they always tells me that i am now big and i should stop them and i tries to do it but in end i fail...i feels pressured and embarrassed too...i feels death seems easier than living...

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