Stressed because of parents harsh behaviour
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Hey there! I'm 16 and I'm in love with a 19 year old boy. We've been dating for 2 years now. This relationship really is.... something. I love him with all my heart. He is always very supportive of what i do. He always pushes me to study hard and helps me in studies. Whenever i fight with my parents, he's there for me. He's not all perfect! He is very insecure of me talking about other boys. He doesn't like me following boys whom i don't know on social media or let them follow me. He's very short tempered......but i love him for his good side. We talk at night on call till we fall asleep. We sleep together everyday from past a year. But a week ago, my parenst caught me talking to him at night. They hit me hrd in the morning. I had bruises all over my body. I couldn't sleep at all. They weren't talking to me or letting me talk to any of my friends. They took my phone away. All they know is, i talk to a boy at night. I keep thinking about this all the loving someone wrong? Why can't i talk or be with the person who understands me more than my parents? Why can't i give love and take love from someone other than my parents? I miss him a lot everyday.....he says that it's hard for me because before he could call me whenever he wanted but now, it's like....i choose when to talk and when not because of my parents. He cried for me. What should i do? It hurts me! WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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