Stressed because of parents relationship
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My parents have a really bad relationship. They fight everyday and they are just together because they fear the society. I have seen my parents like this since I was a child. My parents have even stopped talking for the past 6-7 years. They curse each other and say bad words infront of me . It's a very toxic environment in my house. And being the only child I don't have anyone to talk to. I literally feel like a sandwich when these two start to fight again. Sometimes I feel so exhausted and helpless that I stare at the wall for hours . I am tired of everything and I just want run away from here. I hate it here and everyday my hatered is increased. I get panic attacks and anxiety very often. Even I have tried everything to solve things between my parents but they are just not ment to be with each other. Even the society I live in is very shameless .. everyone ask me weird questions about "why your parents don't talk and what is wrong with them and so much more" until I start crying infront of everyone. I am just tired and I really need some support. Please help me with some good ideas of how to get I head out of this.

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