Stressed because of partner’s attitude
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I'm having like a really bad day. My boyfriend isn't talking to me just because I'm friends with his classmate on Instagram. I mean we don't even talk. He flips so much. Night he wants to make love and the next morning, he thinks what we're doing is wrong and declares us friends. He follows naked models on instagram which I don't like but still i try to hold it in unlike him. He never compliments me. He keeps asking for naked pics of me. Then when i ask him "why do you ask for my pics when you look at nakes models everyday?" He says "because i only love you." Am i suppose to feel good by this? Because i seriously don't. He keeps talking about his ex on call with me. He keeps leaving and keeps coming back. He keeps hurting me.....i don't what to do. I'm like so addicted to him because I've been talking to him since months. We usually sleep on calls at night. And I'm used to it. I need him to go to sleep. What should i do? Help me.

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