stressed because of unending problems and declining health due to caffiene addiction
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i think i have overcome depression bcoz now i dont feel sad or depressed but now i have new worries i have exam next month & i dont get time for study as i work & my work takes almost 14 hrs of a day 12 hrs of shift 2 hrs of travelling so when i reach home i am exhausted to rest but sometimes i cant even rest properly as sometimes unable to sleep but i try sleep i have stopped using phone much now as there is nothing left much i m not on any social media...bus now i am worried for my papers i lack time and energy for study... even at work often i feel sleepy bcoz i work at night shift so to avoid sleep i work more which at d end tires more...what to do i am a human not a machine cant leave my job & my study...i am fed up bcoz of never ending problems also my health is decling i m facing cubs since many months...addiction to caffeine drinks is increasing...there seems no end i need peace...

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