stressed due to career options and family pressure
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Hello, I'm 24 years old girl. I've always been good at academics until now. I aspire to become a professor. Initially, I wasn't serious about it but since last one year I dedicated myself towards clearing NET exam. I studied hard but unfortunately couldn't get past the cutoff in my chosen subject which eventually made me disappointed and sad. I felt like I'm lost, helpless and clueless about how to start it all over again. Moreover, my parents have started to tell me that they don't have any hopes from me now and that like this I'll never be able to achieve anything in life.. Gradually these things have taken toll on my mental state and now I feel totally lost like a ship stuck in a storm.. Hopeless, sad, depressed and disappointed with myself and people around me. My only go to place is music and my boyfriend who has always stood their for me but now I feel I would lose him someday if I don't settle in my career and eventually fail to convince my parents! Every day feels like a long neverending journey as if I will never be able to get through it.. I feel like I'm stuck in a dark place where their is no ray of hope.. I've become less energetic because of which I'm facing constant scolding sessions at home and repeated comments like I can never do anything in life and that I'm hopeless which make me feel more helpless and depressed..all I can do in the moment is either shout back or keep mum silently screaming inside. I really want to get out of this dark phase and get back on track.. I desparately need a counselling but lack funds and support. Please help me out.. Pleasee!

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