Strressed because of argument in relationship
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Hai.... Am in a relationship with a guy from almost 7 years. And i dont even have any frnds as I feel he is everything. And Like everyone else we also use to Fight. Recently from 3weeks we had small fight, during that point of argument he used insensitive Statments like he said that, I don't have any frnds so i call him and distrub him and even where I feel lonely I call him usually for that also he was like when ever u feel sad Or what ever you call me and feel relaxed u use me for all that,, and when he some where out I call him and ask him where and whats when he didn't pick last time as his brother was with him so I called him even that is also wrong it seems according to him.. And as I was feeling like hell I only called to sort out , and finally he was sorry. But now am unable talk all such words even now I feel so depressed as I was feeling him as my world. That Statments he used Making me not to come out that. I don't know how to come out of all this. Am helpless as I don't know how to over come this..

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