stuck in a loop
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okay so he goes days without talking and comes back and expects me to be mentally and emotionally available for him with whatever crisis he is in. yaad toh tabhi karega jab jarurat hogi.. being nice and helping and listening comes at a price. people remember you only in need. and I'm okay with helping people but then there are some close friends who we have closer connections with. and when they remember you only at their convenience, you end up feeling used. and after a few calls you realize that the calls are just exhausting. but no matter how much I explain this.. I keep hearing.. free hoga insan tabhicall kar payega na? I really like you. please talk. and I'm filled with so many emotions and confusion and resentment andsadness and surprisingly I'm somehow happy also when he calls. 🤦‍♀️And at the end of the day.. I wanna talk to him and not talk to him at the same time!! it's such a stupid loop of thoughts. can this loop be broken?!

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