Suffering from anxiety, depression, low self esteem 🙏
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I have severe anxiety disorder I can't sleep at night even if I sleep I am unable to continue for so long, in the middle of the night I wake up multiple times and sometimes horrible dreams comes in my mind. I am so afraid and concerned about my future and goals that I cannot live in the present moment also my past experience are so horrible that I get depressed while thinking about them, not only this my childhood trauma that my parents and society gave me is still there in my mind which affects me and my self esteem in many ways I have very low self confidence, now I just completed my graduation somehow. Recently I underwent a breakup as wll which cmplty broke me aprt so frm multiple directions I'm jst going downwards, I don't understand what to do I have tried meditation and other techniques that YouTube suggested me to overcome these conditions and live my life peacefully but nothing is working for me I want to see a psychiatrist to tell me how to pop up with the current situation.

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