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well heyy everyone tbh idk why I am here I think I was just to desperate to talk to someone so like instead of ending up your life you should just talk, don't you think so? anyways I would like to share you something I am going though which I never thought would happen so there I go. I'm 15yr old and I love to hang out with people even though I just have 1 friend and I'm not kidding like I just love to hang out with her but when I ask I like to hang out it means I genuinely like to go to cafes and all not in pub or something but here's the issue my mom she is not letting me go anywhere and it's not even like I wanna hang out with alot of people I just wanna be with my bestf yet she is all mad at me and this month my finals was over and she didn't even let me go out with her once I had alot of chances still she made some excuse and didn't let me go I feel so empty and I just can't deal with all this anymore ofc there are alot of things but because of the words limites I can't say them.

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