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Sometimes I really don't feel like living anymore.....! I'm genuinely fed up of people looking down on me. And everyone becoming or reaching into some good position and I'm still stuck and people just feel soo good seeing me that position. I want to ask God why me? Why do I have soo many imperfections. There's no good quality in me which is perfect. You people know when I get happy? I only stay happy when my Mom cooks something delicious, that's it. Otherwise my normal days are more like hell. I fear going out without wearing mask because I feel like people would laugh at me just because I have face like this and they would bully me because I speak soo fast and I have short height. I wish I could just really diee. My soul it's really tired and it really needs peace from this world. My Mom & Dad and my family they are just soo damn good. I don't wanna hurt them by dying but I can't live either. It's just soo tiring.

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