symptoms of depression
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Hi,I have no one to share my feelings or to talk to.I didnt step out of my home bcz I have no offline friends .I am not able to sleep at all.From past 1 year im sleeping for about 3hours and somedays not even that .Today I was awake the entire night ..I cant sleep ..Whether its 4am,5am.I have lost interest on food and Also my weight is reduced during my final exams ..I have become over sensitive and cry at even small things and become very angry someday ,My body feels like burnung like a fire when I m angry ..I went to the doctor he gave me sleeping pills but nothing helps Im 15 and he sai d not to get addicted to the pills ..I feel like cry harder ...cry for no reasons ..During exams I have total negative thoughts and my entire body shivers and I even get panic attacks .I dont know what I am going through ..Pls help me guys to help me out of this situation

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