symptoms of depression because of financial issues
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I dont know whats up with me lately. I feel so low and sad all the time. I started sleeping a lot, and im constantly irritated on small things, like even at stuff my mom says or my younger brother. I have started avoiding talking to people. I feel like im forced to talk when they reach out and wanna talk to me cuz i dont want tobe straight out mean and may be i dont want to be alone either but still i want to be alone. I cant focus on any sort of work like literally anything, im just lying around wasting my time using my phone. I dont even feel like talking to my best friend about it from whom i never ever hide anything. My relationship with my boyfriend has been going very off since a long time which i think is one reason for my stress and there are problems in my family such as poor financial conditions and regular arguments going on everyday which is exhausting and frustrating as well. I feel clueless and help less.

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