this is my First time sharing how i am feeling nowadays.
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this is my first time using this platform to share how i feel . i am not sure why i feel like this i don't even know how i feel. I don't like being sad i don't want to be sad. I had relationship issues during my teenage i got involved with drugs to overcome it and ended up making it worst . so i left my home for 5 months and i stopped smoking and Drinking i was successful in overcoming from it. but recently i started hearing my own voice i can't explain it it's like whatever i think of inside my head .. i can hear it like i am telling myself what do you do next . it's really annoying... I hear familiar voices in crowed place .. it's like my friends are taking to each other but when i turn around they're just random strangers talking and those familiar voices are not there anymore. when i try to sleep i feel that i am feeling extremely warm and my sleep gets distured even when AC is on .. this thing is really messing up with my sleep cycle. I can't discuss it with people i know.

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