Tired now of fighting, want to quit now
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hi all, just wanted to share that sometimes I gets tired of fighting with my inner self to cure depression and anxiety and others.... and when I get tired, only one thing comes in my mind...I guess everyone knows.. the easiest and simplest way to get out of this circle...because I try to keep positive attitude when fighting with depression, but somedays I just want to quit...just to inform, currently I have a good job, family, etc but somewhere I live in fear that what if I don't complete office tasks on time...I try very hard to understand things but feel technical blockage in mind that my mind can't think beyond this...and what if company feels that I am doing 1 task in 7 days ...in that much time other associate can complete 5-10 tasks so why to keep me...I live in this constant fear.... even more my thoughts are still stuck at a 19 year old shy boy but my age is 27...and marriage things are also coming up...I really don't know what I want to do in future... continued in comment

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