Too much directionless
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hi all, I just wanted to share that - although I have a good job in an MNC with good pay and it is my second company but still I feel I don't know what I want to do in future...I am just working but with no direction.. when I see other colleagues, they have things clear in mind and what technology they will move ahead... seeing colleagues winning awards although they had joined 6 months ago..the awards thing I just mentioned not because of jealousy but only because they are doing great in their area and they are full of joy confidence etc.. but I also completed 4 month's but still I feel I don't know much or I am working and learning too slowly (I guess this is by nature) due to which I will take long time... sometimes I feel I am too directionless whereas others are excelling or atleast started excelling...again this is not from jealousy purpose.. this is from thr perspective that I am lagging way too behind in this

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