Took a stand for career
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Hello 👋🏻 Today I was soo nervous, and scared to tell them truth, i was shivering 🥶 while having breakfast, I talked to my parents & my young brother about my issue & quitting b.e. I mental pressure college people are giving .. finishing entire semester in within 1.5 - 2 months . No time . And they mixed computer science, Metallurgy, E&C & E&E subjects & chapters .. no core mechanical subjects, and research base projects. Yeh sab karne time nahi . Especially when College is from 8am to 6pm.. no time.. to finish all these in time.. so I am quitting it . Dad said so much money invested in 2 years 5 lakh all wasted.... And mom said stay calm... Do what u like, don't take pressure... Dad said think again , take time and make decision.. i said i already thought about it since 1 week. Monday we will go and cancel admission... Then i will focus my original passion and career field, exterior designing..learn daily from online.. and do part time job and so saving salary . And in future use it to apply for better college for in foreign or better college for bachelor degree. ... Did I do right thing ?

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