toxic family environment feeling suffocated
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I m 22 years old mbbs student. I m in my home since 3 months due to pandemic . I have to prepare for my finals but the thing is I m not able to focus here because of the family stress my mom always fights with my grand mom . My grand maa is unable to do anything ..her hand n leg doesn't work well so my father have to do her all work so my mom get frustrated that due to my grand mom other works r stopped all time is being spent on her my mother n father both r teachers but now sculs r off .. the thing is my mom shouts so much on everyone on my father on me specially on my grand mom . N I don't know my father was a patience ful person but now a days he's not ... He also got frustrated n shouts on grand mom .. she cried a lot some times my father hits her ..n in this environment my mom expecting me to study all the time bt how can I concentrate .from the very morning she starts shouting even in morning I can't sleep properly some times ..she thinks what she do is all correct but this is not the fact ... I know she do hard work from a teacher to a house wife she works hard but she never thinks about others i think ... Even from 3 months i was allowed to go to my aunt only 1 day cause my mom thinks there children will disturb my study so but the 45 minutes I spent in my aunt house was so good I feel free there n here in my house I feel like I m in jail n she's expecting me to study .. but how just tell me how I can focus on my study . I m worried . I m studying even in my online class there is nothing I can do with my mom .. so tell my how I can start my study still I m typing this during my online class my grand mom is crying my mind is not working I m dying

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