Toxic relationship and challenges
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I know I had my children when I was 20 and had to start taking care of my daughter who has the worst case of spina bifida and never really got to live my life, had to raise them on my own w no money, no means to holding onto a job because I couldn't depend on him even tho he joined the union and made it because of me and now makes 50$ an hr. I dealt with alot of physical abuse, emotional abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, my bf of 12 years cheating on me w my best friend who is now gone because of suicide. And I was hoping to start traveling and getting out and now I made the biggest sacrifice of all by having baby with a psycho path who hears voices, and thinks he's entitled to everything i worked so hard for all these years! Life is just fkn great! Now hes holding it over my head because I'm not supposed to be here. The police won't help me and nobody can protect me from him now.

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