toxic relationship with family members
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My family is so toxic, they always show that they are doing favours on me, if they are feeding me or paying my college fee, whenever my speek louder even he was wrong no is say anything to him, but when I do same if something I don't like, they started scolding me like you are a girl you should not speak loud and in this way, you have to go someone's else's home one day, you will ruin our respect in society, you should not dress this way, you can't talk to boys, you can't go out with your friends or someone, because they think I'll meet my boyfriend their and will have sex with him. I hate my brother he's the reason of everything but my mother and father's participation is also in their, without them. I want to leave this place and never want to return ever again. I planned to return all the money my parents invested in me when I earn. And block everyone from my life.

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