Toxic traits
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I am really struggling with talking to people at my new school ...anytime anybody comes to talk to me I cut them off immediately making it harder for us to actually have a normal conversation ...when some people ask I just say "I like being a lone " but i really dont mind having atleast two people to hang with at lunch break. I'm just really good at pushing people away .but my room mate was cool and we aren't talking anymore over a dumb argument and I can't talk to her first I really don't know what's wrong with me .I'm not even cool with my family and i cant get over my manipulative ex lover ..I'm happy sometimes but I stay up all night thinking of how damaged I am ...I have this depressive episodes more often these days because...... I just can't anymore ...I'm becoming weak each passing day and Im sleeping a lot during the day ...we are headed to exams and I'm so distracted...everything's just not okay, this overthinking is killing me .

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