trauma of being alone and not having personal space
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um well hi, my parents divorced 1 year before my mom's death. Now mom is dead 3 years ago and i live with my mom's familly because my dad didn't get enough money to afford a confortable house for me and him so im still waiting for him ...anyways my life gets paintful everyday and everytime because of them (my mom's familly) i can't live my life normally , they are getting into the SMALLEST details of it , i can't stay in my room for 5 mins without them comming and checking if i am doing smth bad , everytime i leave my room , there's my grandma whos going to search in my stuff , they hide every familly argument and treat me like a stranger (because they think that i am going to say everything to my dad ) , every time i speak on the phone , they try to put their ears infront of my door , I don't have an importance for them they dont even care about if i agree with something or not...they just made me hate my life . now im still waiting for my dad to get a house and live happilly with him

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