Trauma of grandparents death
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Hi everyone From last mont I am feeling depressed really I cant handle all of this 1- I really really miss my grandpa 2- we are moving to hyderabad in next 2 months 3- My family thinks I am just overeacting. I always keep patient but I cant tolrete it , yesterday I ajd my family watched an emotional movie that is based on a family that tears apart but atlast the family live happily together (Sooryavansham) but I didnt get to have a happy family I tried my best to not cry but I ended up crying but luckily my parents and brother didnt see me crying , I wish that the movie hits my parents hard , I aslo wish that my grandpa was alive , sometimes I feel he is here somewhere , but the sad reality is that no more...... guys plzz plz wish that my wishes come true please ,ok then see you later, bye

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