trauma of mother's death
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hi.i am new here .dont know how this app works but just wanted to confess to someone..or maybe anyone close to me.since rn i have nobody in my life as close to whom i can maybe this is how i landed up name is mitali.age 22 yrs. its been 2 months since i lost my mother due to covid. i dont know if anyone understands this but i can never ever get over it. these two mnths i spent at home with my elder sister .with she being around i felt me being a hostellite in another is getting even 5 minutes of time spent alone feels like hell .i cant stop thinking about her..the day the died.the day i met her the last time.her last words..all things rush to my mind..rn m typing this m all in tears but i dont care .i cant study. nobody cares for me.if i ate or not .if my hospital staff is good or not.if m well or one calls me.she used to call me daily.i miss her so much that i m losing interest in my life.i dont find any purpose to live.i feel helpless.

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