Trauma of past and abusive relationship
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Hello, I'm a divorcee, it was a abusive relationship and finally with my family's support i was able to take a decision and end it. It took me almost seven years to get over it. a year back i met a guy who seemed to be very descent and nice. He is younger than me and we met through a common friend. He knew everything about my past even before we met. After few meetings he started showing interest in me. A genuine one. After talking to my friends about him even they felt he is a nice guy. We were there for each other through every thick and thin in this whole year. But there's a problem he though very nice has severe anger issues. When he is angry he can't think straight. Even before he has kindof man handled me and misbehaved but then he wud cry like a baby and try his best to make up for his behavior. Yesterday was again a day when he was very angry and upset due to his financial issues. Over silly things he kept on abusing me and fought with me. Later he came to apologize to which i didn't open the door as i was very upset. He came in through climing from terrace and again started abusing and fighting with me for not letting him in my house. And then suddenly he slapped me... so hard that even today i have marks on my cheek. Then out of anger i tore my hand written notes to which he got even more furious and beat me mercilessly. He hit my head(on backside) so hard that for a while it completely blacked out. Then i ran out in open terrace where a man saw me yelling and crying and i shook my hand for help so that this man doesn't hit me more. To which he got so upset. Called me attention seeker and started smoking. I requested him to leave the house. Even my neighbors started coming out and see what was happening due to the noise. Once he realised that he left. And guess what he blocked me everywhere before i cud even think of doing anything as such. Now here i am again wid a broken heart broken relationship. My past gave me scars which took forever to heal. This man swearing to be all different whom i really loved from my heart has again broken my heart into pieces. I just don't understand what should i do. M dying inside. Why did i fall in love. Why did i even trust him. Why is this happening to me all the time.. why

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